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Road safety in South Africa has become more and more of an issue every year, especially when one considers the rising number of road deaths and horrific December road death and injury statistics every year. Fatalities on the road is one of the easiest areas to make a quick and lasting impact by making sure that motorists obey the rules of the road, don’t drive drunk and stick to the designated speed. This clearly won’t solve all the issues as many of the fatalities are pedestrians who are on the roads illegally and often under the influence. But that aside, regulating motorists can still bring about real and lasting change.


The first steps to monitoring road safety is to ensure that all road users have a valid, legal driver’s licence. Unfortunately the incidences of fake licences is on the rise and many drivers don’t even hold a valid learners licence which would be the first step in moving towards making the roads of South Africa safer.

We’re doing our part to reduce road deaths in South Africa.

Learn how to pass your learners and drivers tests.

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