About Us

Don’t Travel Empty is the Job Matching web site for the coaching industry

We are run by Operators, for Operators

It is a unique site that allows operators to maximise profits by minimising the amount of “dead” or “empty” kilometres that are travelled by linking all operators together via a jobs database.

The idea is simple. Any job that requires your coach to travel empty to a destination to pick a group up, or to travel empty from a destination having dropped a group off is a potential “matched” job. Imagine the following scenario.

I, as an operator get a job to go from Johannesburg to Durban in a 44 seater coach. I quote for the job and the customer accepts. I have priced the job as I always would which includes pricing for the “empty” leg from Durban back to the Johannesburg after my coach has dropped the passengers off. Assuming the passengers want collecting as well I have obviously priced for the return trip to Durban which will then be my “empty” leg. Assume also for convenience that the total price for the job comes to R 16 500.00 or R 8 250.00 each way.

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I belong to www.donttravelempty.co.za and I enter my job details into the computer. Based on a few simple criteria ie how long I am prepared to keep my coach in Durban and how many kilometres off course I am prepared to send my coach in order to maximise the chance of getting a match, the computer searches the data base for a possible “match” with another operator. This potentially allows me to sell my job to an operator who may be travelling to Durban empty whose km off course and wait window for his “empty” leg allow him to pick my passengers up and take them to Durban for me. I know that I am getting R 16 500.00 for the job and the operator who has matched with me is happy to do my job at R 4 500.00 because he is going “empty” that way anyway. I then earn R 4 500.00 for doing nothing and have the coach I would have sent to Durban free to do another job to earn even more money so I am delighted and the operator who is doing my job is delighted because he is earning R 4 500.00 for “dead” kilometres he had to do anyway.

Scenario 2

The data base will also, at the same time search for any potential “matches” for my coach in Durban and the possibility is that I may also get a match for my “empty” leg back to Johannesburg. This would allow me to negotiate with the operator who has the “full” job from Durban so if I am prepared to have my coach wait for two hours and go 50 km off course I may get a job from Umhlanga to Johannesburg for example and I can earn money for my “empty” leg. Should a “full” match and an “empty” match occur it is up to me to decide if I want to do my own job and then another job on my way back or sell the whole job on and keep my coach spare for another job altogether.

The benefits to all concerned are enormous.

  • “Dead” or “Empty” kilometres become a thing of the past. In today’s economic climate to have a piece of machinery worth R 2,8 – 3,2 m being worked by a skilled professional and yet only actually having it earn for half a trip is madness.
  • The environment will benefit from less vehicles on the road.
  • Should you have a breakdown you can quickly log into www.donttravelempty.co.za and enter the details of where your coach is and a potential “empty” coach going in the correct direction could be found in seconds.
  • Should you have a tour and your driver falls ill you could find an operator in the area of your tour who has a coach available to do your day for you at a reasonable cost.
  • You can advertise your coaches for sale, direct to the coach transport industry.
  • You can find out fuel prices throughout the country at the click of a button.
  • Short of a driver? Log onto www.donttravelempty.co.za and find one that’s available in your area
  • Don’t leave your coaches parked up – log on to www.donttravelempty.co.za and find a paying job for it to do today.

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Common questions answered.

“Why should I give one of my customers to a competitor?”

The reason is simple. Coaches are expensive machines to run and the chances of getting a “match” with a coach operator who would be close enough to your customer to compete on price is very,very remote. Most “matches” will be with an operator from some distance away who just so happens to be in a convenient place on a particular day. All operators are also required to agree to our code of conduct which prevents them from approaching your customer direct.

“How can I be sure the operator I sell my job to will do as good a job as me?”

All operators will be marked for their punctuality, friendliness of the driver, appearance of the driver, safety, cleanliness of the coach, reliability and more. Therefore, when you get a “match” you can see the score for the operator you have “matched” with, and be safe in the knowledge that they have been scored by their peers, not by www.donttravelempty.co.za. You can then decide if to contact the operator in question. At no time are the full details of your job displayed until you decide.

“Will www.donttravelempty.co.za earn anything from the “matches”?”

No, no commission is payable.

“Will www.donttravelempty.co.za charge any other fees?”

A monthly subscription fee is charged based on the amount of vehicles in the fleet of the Operator. No admin fees or annual registrations fees are charged.

“What about if an operator has a breakdown and fails to show for a job I have sold to them?”

This is a possibility. As the original operator you are responsible for the customers that you have “sold”. However, by default as you have “sold” the job to another operator you become their customer and they are responsible to you. We all know that breakdowns can and do occur and nothing is going to change that whether you do the job yourself or another operator does it. We all do breakdowns. The beauty of www.donttravelempty.co.za is that if a breakdown occurs you have a better chance of getting cover by accessing the site. Also all good,reputable operators have contingency plans.

“What about if a job is “matched” but then the details of one of the jobs changes at short notice to make the “match” non “matched”?”

Again, this is a possibility, we all know what customers are like. However, the fact that you have “matched” is not really much different to having the job as a solo job. Sometimes short notice changes can be accommodated and sometimes they can’t. It is a real possibility that if a customer changes the details on any job then an operator may not be able to accommodate those changes if it affects that coaches next job. The key here is good communication between the two “matched” operators. There is a very real possibility that with enough operators on board and enough jobs in the system then there may well be more than one potential “match” for jobs anyway and a renegotiation can be undertaken.